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NuPar’s mission is to operate solely on two principles: 

Honesty and Integrity. 

We stand firmly on these principles as we strive to provide accurate and sustainable metering solutions while providing exceptional customer service. Customer loyalty is paramount to the success of NuPar Technologies. Lasting relationships are built on trust, and we take that very seriously. 


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NuPar Staff



Tito Nuñez

Tito has 12 years of engineering experience in the commercial construction and HVAC industries and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Florida.  He has been involved in numerous commercial projects, including K-12, higher education, data centers, retail, and mixed-use developments.  

Before founding NuPar Technologies, Tito worked as an ONICON regional sales manager for 6 years and focused on the implementation of hydronic flow, thermal energy, and airflow measurement systems to satisfy the metering requirements found in today’s high performance building designs.