Since 1987, ONICON has been an industry leader in high quality, custom calibrated flow instrumentation for water, steam, gases and thermal energy. ONICON is a service oriented organization with an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction. ONICON continues to have a strong reputation for product excellence and superior customer support. 

ONICON’s product offerings include:

  • BTU Meters

  • Electromagnetic Meters (Insertion and Inline)

  • Turbine Meters (Insertion)

  • Ultrasonic Meters (Inline and Clamp-On)

  • Vortex Meters (Insertion and Inline)

  • Thermal Mass Gas Meters (Insertion and Inline) 

ONICON Family of Products Brochure

ONICON Family of Products Brochure


Air Monitor has been delivering airflow measurement solutions since 1967. They are the premier solutions provider for the Commercial HVAC, Industrial Process, and Power Generation markets. Air Monitor is the only dedicated airflow solutions provider with expertise in differential pressure and thermal dispersion measurement technologies. Both technologies are offered because they believe it is important to apply the correct technology to each application. 

Air Monitor’s airflow measurement product offerings include:

  • Thermal Dispersion (Probe Array, Station, and Fan Inlet)

  • Differential Pressure (Probe Array, Station, and Fan Inlet)

  • Fixed Resistance (For Outdoor Air Handlers)

  • Differential Pressure Transmitters

  • Room Pressurization Devices 

Air Monitor Family of Products Brochure

Air Monitor Family of Products Brochure


State-of-the-art Photoacoustic Infrared technology delivers maximum accuracy & sensitivity. Our Experience Is Your Gain: With experience extending back to the 1988 Montreal Protocol, no other fixed monitoring system manufacturer can claim a greater history dedicated to the research, manufacture, sales and service of refrigerant gas monitoring systems.

Today, the Thermal Gas Systems Haloguard® product brand has come to mean proven reliability worldwide - designed and constructed to withstand tough mechanical room requirements. We invite users at all levels, including System Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, Facility Managers, Chiller Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors to experience our personalized customer service and support.

Thermal Gas Systems product offerings include:

  • Photoacoustic Infrared Refrigerant Monitors

  • CMOS Refrigerant Monitors

  • CO detection & ventilation control system for parking structures

  • Oxygen Depletion Monitor

  • Ancillary Equipment - SCBA's and more

Thermal Gas Systems Family of Products Brochure

Thermal Gas Systems Family of Products Brochure



Critical Environment Technologies is a leader in the design, manufacture & service of gas detection and indoor air quality systems. We’ve developed more than 100 different products that are sold in all states & provinces and can be found in more than 20 countries globally. Ongoing product development ensures our equipment is at the leading edge of a rapidly evolving space. We maintain a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, health, safety and environmental protection.

We offer a variety of sensor technologies that detect many different types of hazardous gases in a wide range of applications. Common gases are: Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Ammonia, Chlorine, Ozone, Oxygen, Refrigerants and combustible gases like Methane, Hydrogen and Propane. Applications include commercial, institutional, municipal and light industrial markets worldwide. Many applications are for vehicle exhaust, but areas of specialization include refrigeration plants, indoor swimming pools, water treatment plants, ice arenas, wineries, airports, hotels, fish farms, battery charging rooms, food processing plants, and more.

Critical Environment Technologies product offerings include:

  • Gas Detection Monitors

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors

  • CO detection & ventilation control system for parking structures

  • Ammonia Vent Line Transmitters

  • Flexible Control Systems (up to 128 gases)

Critical Environment Family of Products Brochure

Critical Environment Family of Products Brochure