NuPar Technologies is a Manufacturers' Representative of ONICON flow meters (water, BTU, steam, and gases) and Air Monitor airflow measurement devices for the greater Houston area. 

Our goal is to provide high quality customized metering solutions with outstanding customer service to the commercial HVAC market.


Our approach is straightforward:

We listen to our customer’s multifaceted metering needs.

We customize solutions based on each application’s unique requirements.

We deliver products that meet the specific accuracy and performance demands of each project.

We support our products from design to installation and throughout the service life of your project.


To control something, you must first measure it…
— Lord Kelvin

Implementation of accurate and tailored metering solutions will ensure optimum energy savings and prolonged equipment service life while meeting the demands of occupants in your building or campus.  

Contact Us for more information on how NuPar Technologies can assist you in reaching your energy management goals.