BTU Measurement

ONICON SYSTEM-40 BTU Measurement System

ONICON System-40 BTU Measurement System

The new System-40 BTU
Measurement System provides
highly accurate and reliable
thermal energy measurement in
heating and cooling systems. Its
compact, no-moving-parts
design and low cost make it
ideal for sub-metering heating and cooling costs in condominiums, retail shops and mixed use facilities. BACnet MS/TP or MODBUS RTU outputs are available. 3 Auxiliary pulse terminals can be configured for pulse input, pulse output, a combination of both, or even with a single analog output. 

Features include:

  • Available for use in pipe sizes ranging from 1⁄2” through 21⁄2” in diameter.

  • No-moving-parts flow meter design with excellent accuracy and turndown.

  • Precision matched platinum RTDs for accurate temperature measurement.

  • Native BACnet MS/TP or MODBUS RTU are available with auxiliary pulse terminals configurable for either pulse inputs, pulse outputs, a combination of the two, or even a single analog output.

  • EN1424 compliant